The Italian Stone Pine (Pinus pinea) is native to the Mediterranean region, which means it’s right at home in California’s Mediterranean climate. It is a large shade tree and is also called the umbrella pine and parasol pine because of the shape of it’s canopy.

The Italian Stone Pine is also the primary source of pine nuts in Europe. While it may take years for your tree to produce pine cones, you can collect the cones off the ground and place them in a warm, sunny location until they open and expose the nuts.

Height: 40-80 feet
Width: 40-60 feet

Growth Rate
24-36 inches per year

50-150 years

Prefers full sun

Like all water efficient perennials and trees, a young, newly planted tree needs six months of heavy watering (same amount of water as a lawn) to establish its roots. After that, however, it is drought tolerant and needs only 30 percent of the water a lawn needs.

Prefers loamy to sandy soil