This fall is the perfect time to plant the garden you’ve always wanted to have! Starting a new landscape can be daunting, so we are sharing the resources and information you need to create an attractive water-wise garden. We encourage fall planting because it gives new plants the best chance to thrive. Fall has shorter days, less direct sunlight, cooler temperatures and hopefully some rain. Fall gives your plants the most time to grow and develop before facing the harsher summer.

Get plant ideas at our demonstration landscape

Looking for inspiration? Visit our Administrative Office in La Mesa. Our demonstration landscape showcases three unique, low water-use plant styles. On University Avenue, you can check out soft and colorful Mediterranean plants, while Lee Avenue showcases bold and beautiful desert plants and Palo Verde trees. Our Quince Street garden demonstrates plants and trees native to California. Scan the QR codes on each plant’s marker to learn about their size and sun needs. They all require low amounts of water, which is good for the environment and your wallet.

Get inspired at the Water Conservation Garden

Helix partners with the Water Conservation Garden to provide various resources to help you with all of your landscaping and gardening needs. They offer low-cost weekend workshops to teach homeowners about design, soil, plants, irrigation and gardening. If the group workshops aren’t enough, for a small fee, you can schedule a one-on-one landscape design consultation with a landscape professional. The Water Conservation Garden also hosts annual events like the Fall Garden Festival and Plant Sale, which will be happening on November 5. Stop by and pick out some starters for your landscape.

Attend a free landscape design class

You can also attend a free three-hour online landscape workshop through the San Diego County Water Authority to continue learning about design, plant selection, water conservation methods and more.

Get money back with available rebates

Rebates on turf replacement, rain water harvesting, mulch irrigation controllers and more will help you save water in your new landscape. Make the most of your project with rebates and save money too.  

If you’ve been putting off planting your water-wise garden, now is a great time to make the upgrade. Use as many of our resources as necessary to help guide you in the planting process and have fun creating a brand new fall garden!


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