Check for Leaks: Water Meter

An undiscovered leak can double or triple your average water bill. To assure that doesn’t happen to you, check your meter for leaks once a month.



30 minutes / monthly



Turn off all water inside and outside your home. Don’t forget your icemaker, irrigation and pool pump.

Find your water meter, which is usually located in front of your property near the street. Look for a concrete lid with a smaller lid in the middle. If you need assistance, call us at 619-466-0585 during business hours.

Pop open the small lid with a screwdriver. Remove the outer lid if you like. Look for spiders, rodents and snakes before you put your hand in the box. Flip open the meter’s hinged lid and wipe off the face to see the display.

If all water on your property is turned off and the low flow indicator is spinning, you may have a leak. The low flow indicator is near the center of the meter face — it’s the blue item on the meter display shown here. It’s usually light blue, white or red, and shaped like a star or triangle. When it spins, it means water is passing through the meter.

Now you need to find and fix your leak.


Instructional Video

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