We provide the water that keeps the homes and businesses in our community running. Did you know that we purchase over 80% of our water supplies?  We also invest your water rates in the infrastructure to deliver it 24/7, when and where you need it.

Last month, we released our Annual Comprehensive Financial Report. The report shows our expenses for purchasing, treating and moving water to your tap, and it shows how water rates and water use have changed over the last 10 years. It also demonstrates the district’s financial transparency and accountability for the public resources we manage.

This year, we created a new look for the report, making it easier to read and understand. We encourage you to read it. The report includes our financial statements, which provide the district’s detailed financial data. It also shows changes in the district’s cash balance and information about the district’s short-term and long-term activities.

Shows charts and organization from district's annual comprehensive financial plan
Shows charts of expenses, revenues and annual changes from district's annual comprehensive financial plan

The report includes a summary from the annual audit performed by an independent certified public accounting firm. The audit firm reviewed the district’s internal controls and provided a clean opinion, confirming our accounting records comply with generally accepted accounting principles.

Our Annual Comprehensive Financial Report is one of three large reports we release each year. To see last year’s finances, what has changed and how we are financially transparent and accountable, read our report.


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