Before turning your irrigation controller back on after the rain, consider upgrading to a smart, weather-based irrigation controller – also known as a “WBIC”. You can purchase these devices online and receive a rebate for your purchase.

Conventional irrigation controllers use the same weekly schedule to water your plants, regardless of the weather. WBIC’s automatically adjust your watering schedule based on local weather conditions using your home’s Wi-Fi or real-time sensor data. They can help reduce your outdoor water use by as much as 15 percent.

WBIC’s are perfect for saving water during unpredictable gloomy weather or keeping your plants healthy during hot, dry spells – both of which are common in the Spring and early Summer months.

The best news is that your rebate may cover the full purchase price of your WBIC.

Currently, Helix customers with properties under 1 acre may receive up to a $200 rebate on a qualifying WBIC. Most eligible controllers cost between $150 and $230.

For properties larger than 1 acre, Helix customers may receive a rebate of  up to $35 per station. For example, a property with a 16-station controller would be eligible for a $560 rebate (16 stations at $35 each) for a qualifying WBIC. Most 16-station controllers cost between $200 – $600.

Installation and programming are easy. Many of the newer devices are even easier to operate than your current controller.

Take control of your irrigation this spring and upgrade to a smart, weather based irrigation controller. View eligibility and apply at