We have seats available for our WaterSmart Landscape Design Workshop from 9:00am to 12:00pm on Saturday, June 10th at our operations center in El Cajon.

June is the perfect time to attend our workshop because it puts you on track for planting a new, water efficient landscape in November, and letting winter rainstorms provide the extra water new plants need:

June — Attend WaterSmart Landscape Design Workshop.

June-August — Explore design ideas in books, magazines, on the web and around your neighborhood.

September — Make a plan for your yard showing the layout and measurements, spaces for relaxing, eating or planting a vegetable garden, plant groupings, trees and irrigation.

October — Clear all unwanted landscaping, improve your soil and install irrigation.

November — Install plants.

The free, 3-hour workshop will show you how to have a beautiful landscape using a fraction of the water that a traditional landscape needs. The workshop is taught by one of our local landscape experts and brought to you by Helix and the San Diego County Water Authori

You will learn

  • How to convert your turf area to water efficient landscape
  • How to select plants that thrive in our Mediterranean climate
  • How to analyze your yard, identify your soil type, remove turf and irrigate efficiently
  • How to create a professional landscape with planting and irrigation designs ready for installation

Reserving your seats is easy to do. The reservation form is on the workshop’s webpage. Click on the link below to go there.

Reserve your seats for the June 10 landscape workshop