San Diego Gas and Electric honored Helix Water District yesterday at the energy utility’s Annual Energy Showcase for leadership in advancing energy efficiency and sustainability in the San Diego region. Below is the video they produced about Helix for yesterday’s awards ceremony.

“This is a nice award to receive,” said Helix Board President Dan McMillan, “Because it recognizes the commitment the board made years ago to increase energy efficiency, and it reflects our results.”

Energy – primarily to pump water throughout Helix’s distribution system, which serves 275,000 people in El Cajon, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, Spring Valley and other unincorporated areas of the county – cost Helix Water District $2.2 million in fiscal year 2017-18.  Controlling energy costs, and their impact on water rates, is a priority for the district.

Helix Water District 2017 Energy Consumption

Helix maintains operations and design standards that reduce the district’s energy demand during peak periods when SDG&E’s charges are higher, and the district purchases energy through the State of California’s Direct Access Program, saving an average of 18 percent on commodity costs. Helix staff continually evaluate opportunities to replace aging infrastructure with energy efficient solutions and smart building systems. A solar energy system at the district’s operations center in El Cajon further reduces energy demands and costs.

In 2012, Helix retained DHK Engineers of Escondido to perform an energy audit of the district’s facilities, and the firm worked closely with Helix staff to prepare a list of 150 energy conservation opportunities. A week ago, on April 24, 2019, DHK reported to the Helix board that staff had successfully implemented 148 of the conservation strategies, including:

Constantly monitoring SDG&E rate schedules and schedule alterations

Load shifting to off-peak periods at the treatment plant and pump stations

Equipping pumps with power meters, programmable logic controllers and variable frequency drives for remote monitoring and operation through the district’s supervisory control and data acquisition system

Installing window film on the district’s Administration Office

Installing energy efficient lights in all district buildings

Last year, Helix enrolled in SDG&E’s Power Your Drive Program to install 20 electrical vehicle charging stations through a $225,000 grant. The district also purchased six plug-in hybrid vehicles, received a $3,500 rebate per vehicle from California’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Program, and expects to save $1,000 per vehicle annually based on avoided fuel costs. The district expects the integration of electric vehicles into its vehicle fleet to accelerate when hybrid light-duty trucks become available.

Helix Water District 2005-2017 Energy Consumption

Combined, these initiatives have reduced Helix’s annual energy use by 25 percent over the last 10 years.

“We are reducing operating costs for our customers,” said Helix boardmember Mark Gracyk. “Helix is also becoming part of the solution. We are reducing greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to the sustainability of the communities we serve.”

Becoming part of the solution was the key message at SDG&E’s Energy Showcase event. “It’s electric in here,” Helix boardmember Kathleen Coates Hedberg half-joked during the event. “Everyone and every company that’s here is pulling in the same direction – towards a sustainable California – and you can feel the momentum.”




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