This week, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California announced new water restrictions for millions in the Los Angeles area, including limiting outdoor watering to one day per week. MWD’s restrictions apply to communities that are dependent on water from the State Water Project, which has severely reduced deliveries over the last three years because of the state’s historic drought.

These cuts do not apply to the San Diego region because we are not currently receiving any water from the State Water Project. Thanks to decades of conservation and investment in diversified supplies, we continue to have reliable water supplies from other sources to see us through multiple dry years.

Map showing where impacted areas of MWD's 2022 shortage on the State Water Project

Map showing impacted areas in Metropolitan Water District’s northern region

However, the ongoing drought is a serious concern for the state, and we can all do our part to help. Last November, Helix Water District declared a Level 1 water shortage calling for voluntary conservation efforts. Governor Newsom also issued an emergency executive order last month calling for all water agencies to move to a Level 2 water shortage, regardless of local water supply conditions. The state has until May 25 to implement the order. In the meantime, Helix remains at a Level 1 while we await final direction.

We encourage all of our customers to help our water supplies go further and last longer. Use water wisely, fix leaks immediately and take advantage of rebate programs for high-efficiency appliances, WaterSmart irrigation components, turf removal and more.




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