If you haven’t taken a gardening class at The Water Conservation Garden, add it to your New Year’s Resolutions. Come early, grab a coffee on the way, and stroll The Garden’s five acres of Mediterranean and California native plants, trees and exhibits. Most classes start at 10:00am and run until noon and are taught by landscape designers, master gardeners and other local experts. You’ll meet kindred spirits, discuss questions and ideas and maybe end up sharing emails and plant cuttings after class.

In January, The Water Conservation Garden is hosting a class every weekend. Go to the Classes & Events page on our website for details.

January 9th
Rainwater Harvesting and Greywater

January 16th
Tree Trimming, Pruning and Care

January 23rd
Hillside Gardening

January 23rd and 30th
Training to Become a Garden Docent

January 30th
Compost Workshop with Solana Center

January 31st
Qigong (Chi Gong) in The Garden