If you didn’t come to Customer Appreciation Day, you should have.

Hundreds of people did — customers of Helix and Otay water districts, Sweetwater Authority and the City of San Diego — for guided tours of The Water Conservation Garden and presentations on soil testing, habitat gardening, water reclamation, arranging succulents and how to hire a landscape professional.

Helix customers received free hose nozzles and wildflower seeds for water efficient landscaping, dye tabs to check for toilet leaks, sponges and snacks. And Lake Jennings staff treated kids to face painting and balloon animals.

And, again this year, the complimentary Hawaiian Shave Ice was a big hit.

So, scroll ahead on your smartphone calendar to May 2018 and make an appointment for Customer Appreciation Day. We’ll post the actual date of the event on our website around March, and we’d love to meet you.