November 16-20 is Utility Scam Awareness Week and water, electricity and gas utilities across the United States are raising awareness and educating their customers about scams and how to avoid them.

Here’s a Tip to Avoid a Scam
If a caller says they are from Helix Water District and requests your credit card number, they are an impostor. Under no circumstances will a Helix employee call you and ask for your credit card number.

Here’s Another Tip
Do not Google “make a Helix water payment” or “pay my Helix water bill” because you could unknowingly click on a search result that is not Helix Water District. The best thing you can do to avoid a scam is communicate directly with Helix Water District about your water bill. If you pay your water bill online, go directly to our website at and click on “Log In”.  If you have questions about your bill, call our customer service department at 619-466-0585.

Be Aware of These Common Scams

Disconnection Deception
Scammers call threatening disconnection of your utility service, demanding immediate payment by prepaid cards. (Helix employees do not request payment from prepaid cards)

Service Restoration Fee
Scammers call offering to restore water or power service more quickly for a fee in the aftermath of severe storms causing widespread power outages.

Overpayment Tactic
Scammers call claiming you have overpaid your utility bill, and you need to provide personal bank account information or a credit card number to facilitate a refund. (Helix credits your account or mails you a check)

Vacate Your Home
Scammers claim there is a need to replace metering or other equipment and you must leave your home for 72 hours. (Helix’s water system stops at your water meter; we don’t need to go inside your home)

Facebook Charity Scam
Social media posts are telling customers that a charity will pay for their utility bills if the customer first makes a partial payment by money transfer. This new scam is still under investigation by authorities, and it is unclear if the scammers are seeking money, personally identifiable information, or both.

Door Knocking Impostor
Door-to-door impostors pose as utility workers to gain entry or access into unsuspecting victims’ homes. (Ask to see the person’s Helix ID card; all of our employees carry one)

Please find below a useful guide to help you avoid these scams. And, if you experience any of these scams, please report it to Helix. Jot down all the details you can remember and call our customer service department at 619-466-0585.

Tips to Avoid Impostor Utility Scams


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