Are you working on, or thinking about, installing a new landscape? If the answer yes, we found your muse. is the spot for landscaping ideas and know-how, right up there with, which we featured in a blog post last year.

For a lot of us, the “what do want our new landscape to be?” question is a lot scarier than the hard work of clearing out old plants and installing new ones. This is the creative part of a landscaping project, and it conjures up equal parts excitement and anxiety. Go to and let beautiful photos of beautiful landscapes instill you with ideas and confidence.

This site is not all about water efficiency — it features properties throughout the country. But a lot of these landscapes are in California. Click on the See All the Winners of the Gardenista Considered Design Awards link at the top of their site and explore the Best Curb Appeal, Best Edible Garden and Best Outdoor Living Space entries. Then hover on the Garden Design 101 link and let the learning and creativity begin.



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