Remember Ken Kramer’s About San Diego series on KPBS?

KPBS general manager Tom Karlo told the San Diego Union Tribune in 2015, when Kramer retired, “What made his work special is he truly wanted the community to know about the richness and history of all of San Diego. He talked about places they know, and he talked about places that, after they heard him, they wanted to go see.”

Above all else, Kramer was known as a storyteller, and nobody tells the story of the San Diego Flume better than he did. The flume — which marks the beginning of Helix Water District’s long history — brought fresh water from the mountains to urban San Diego for the first time. Today, we still go to the mountains for fresh water — the Rockies, Sierra and our local Cuyamacas.

Enjoy the video — courtesy of KPBS.

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