Ever wonder what your Helix Water District water bill pays for?

We are a not-for-profit public agency. This means that every dollar we collect from customer bills goes directly to the cost of providing clean and reliable water.

Almost half of your water bill pays for purchasing imported water. The rest of your bill pays for the costs of operating, maintaining, administering, protecting and improving your 24/7 water service.

If cost is what you pay for and value is what you get, Helix customers can be assured they receive a superior value at a reasonable cost.

Watch our video and see the breakdown of where your dollar goes.

Video Transcript: Where Does My Money Go

At Helix Water District, every dollar collected from customer bills, goes directly towards the costs of providing our customers with a clean and reliable source of water.

Let’s take a look at how those expenses break down.

Forty-three percent of each bill covers the cost of purchasing imported water. That’s just about half of every dollar that we spend.

Thirteen percent covers the operating and maintenance costs that keep our water delivery and treatment systems up and running.

Twelve percent funds capital projects such as pipeline replacements, tank retrofits and expenses to buy equipment.

Nine percent covers water treatment and quality control costs, which ensure your water is safe to drink.

Nine percent covers administrative expenses needed to run the district.

Three percent covers engineering costs. This allows the district to design and make improvements to our water treatment and delivery systems.

Three percent covers meter reading, billing and customer service expenses, so when you have a question or need some help, Helix is there for you.

Three percent pays for information technology, the computers and software behind our water systems, administration and customer service.  IT keeps us running.

Three percent covers energy costs to treat and pump water, and the electricity used to operate district facilities.

Two percent repays bonds and other debt.

And not one penny goes towards profits.  Helix is a not-for-profit agency.

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