Helix Water District engineers and operations crews manage a continuous cycle of maintenance, rehabilitation and replacement of tens of thousands of assets in our water storage, treatment and distribution systems.

It never stops and we always strive to improve efficiencies and hold costs down. Watch our new video to see how preventing emergency repairs, upgrading systems and leveraging technology keeps the water flowing.

Video Transcript: System Upgrades

One of the things that is near and dear to our heart here at Helix is to make sure that our system is maintained on an annual basis.

If you don’t continually invest in the infrastructure, you end up within very aged infrastructure and service delivery can be interrupted.

It creates more emergencies where you’re reacting in a reactive state rather than in a controlled environment in a preventative maintenance state.

So that includes replacing our pipes. We have a pipe replacement program, whether it’s cast iron or other types of pipes in our system, that’s part of our annual capital improvement program. And then as  part of our operating improvement program we exercise and turn our valves, as well as maintaining and cleaning our tanks and our pump stations.

We’re constantly evaluating our tanks like the one behind me.  This tank was recently rehabilitated several years ago and the same with our pump stations, when they get old we replace them or rehabilitate them.

Obviously Helix Water District with long history has had a lot of improvements through technology and infrastructure over the years. One of those is our treatment plant process.

A treatment plant of this size is expensive. It’s a lot of infrastructure and it takes a lot of money and resources to keep it up and running. At Helix we’ve done extensive measures and evaluations to try to maintain operation and quality, while also implementing cost saving aspects.  Examples include the SCADA system that you see behind us.

Technology is critical in what we do, day in day out. As technology advances, we’re always looking to see how we can incorporate that to improve our efficiencies from an operational perspective that can in effect keep our staffing levels down and keep the costs at a minimum to provide drinking water to the customer.

Not only do we invest in our infrastructure, such as pipelines and tanks and pump stations, we also invest in technology to improve how we bill for water, how we complete our GIS, our mapping systems within the organization.

Our mission at Helix is always to provide our customers at a reasonable cost, however our track record of never having a violation of the operation of this facility demonstrates that we will not compromise quality for cost.


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