Photo: future location of Sites Reservoir in Northern California (Los Angeles Times)
From the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA)
The Water Supply and Water Quality Act of 2018 will appear as Proposition 3 on California’s November 6 ballot. Proposition numbers were recently assigned by California Secretary of State Alex Padilla. If passed, Proposition 3 would be the third water bond adopted by California voters in the last four years.

Proposition 3 would make available $8.9 billion in general obligation bonds to fund projects for water supply and quality, watershed restoration, fish and wildlife protection, sustainable groundwater management and repair of existing dams and canals.  Proposition 3 funds would augment $1.6 billion for water-related projects already approved by voters on June 5 with the passage of Proposition 68.

$8.9 Billion

Proposition 3
On November 2018 Ballot

$1.6 Billion

Proposition 68
Passed by Voters in June 2018

$2.7 Billion

Proposition 1
Passed by Voters in 2014
On June 27-28, the California Water Commission completed the scoring of eight proposed water storage projects seeking funding from Proposition 1, which was passed by voters in 2014. The goal of building new dams and reservoirs is to collect more water during wet years and have it available during dry periods. The amount of time taken to award the funds has been a controversial subject.

“We are now on the doorstep of awarding funding from Proposition 1 to water storage projects across California,” Commission Chair Armando Quintero said. “We eagerly look forward to next month when we can make preliminary awards to these diverse projects that collectively will add 4.3 million acre-feet of water storage capacity to California.”

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