Water Use Evaluations

We offer FREE water use evaluations. For homeowners, we evaluate both indoor and outdoor water use. For businesses and multi-family properties, we evaluate the irrigation. We do these free evaluations to identify issues and recommend water-saving improvements. Schedule an appointment.

Video Transcript: Helix Home Water Use Evaluation

Hi, I’m Michelle Curtis, a member of the water conservation team with Helix Water District. I’m going to show you the basics of our free home water use evaluation for residential customers.

**cut to opening a water meter box**

First we start with getting a read of your meter. This allows us to see if you might have a leak, how much water you’ve used since your last meter read, estimate average daily water consumption, and project your next bill based upon trending water use.

**cut to meeting customer at their door**

After we gather our reading we meet with our customer to discuss our findings, go over any concerns, and proceed to performing our water evaluation.

**cut to bathroom**

During a typical home water use evaluation we will check toilets for leaks. We put blue dye tablets in the tank of the toilet and wait for them to dissolve. If there is a leak, the blue dye will appear in the bowl.

**show putting dye tables in tank**

While we wait for the dye to dissolve we will gather a flow reading of the sink and the shower.

** cut to holding flow rate bag over shower head for five seconds**

We hold our flow rate bags over the shower head for five seconds, and based upon the markings on the bag we can determine how many gallons per minute are being used. A good water efficient shower head will be under 2.0 gallons per minute.

**Cut to sink**

We then check the same thing for all the sinks in the house.

**cut to shots of washing machine**

We also check the efficiency rating of your washing machine.

**cut to handing customer free shower heads**

We will provide you with free shower heads and useful information on living more efficiently with water indoors.

**cut to customer landscape shots**

After viewing the indoors, we check your landscape. Here we check your irrigation system starting with the irrigation controller and moving on to turning on each station.

**cut to operating controller*

We go through the current programming of your controller and make notes. We are checking for start times, run times and how often your irrigation controller operates. This gives us a good idea of how much water you are using outdoors.

**cut to irrigation system running**

We then turn on each station one by one. We’re looking for any signs of leaks or breaks, such as broken heads or low pressure, which may need to be fixed as well as overall performance. Based upon the type of sprinkler, climate, plant material and other factors, we can then give you recommendations for water efficiency and plant sustainability. It is important to know that water efficiency does not always mean water savings. Many factors can cause an efficient system to use more or less water.

**cut to giving customer information handouts**

Once we have completed out home water use evaluation we will go over our findings, discuss potential rebate opportunities, and give you great information on living a water efficient lifestyle.

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