Every job, product and service within our community depends on water. Every day, trained water professionals work behind the scenes to keep clean water flowing to our faucets and protect the health and safety of our communities.

Their dedicated work to provide reliable water is essential, but because water is always available, their service is often unrecognized.

That is why this week, we want to appreciate water professionals and the excellent service they provide. In 2017, California established an annual Water Professionals Appreciation Week.  Last month, the Helix Water District Board of Directors passed a resolution proclaiming October 2-10, 2021, as Water Professionals Appreciation Week to extend their gratitude to water and wastewater professionals.

At Helix, we know it takes a team of highly trained, skilled and qualified professionals to keep the water flowing. We want to share stories about just a few of our employees whose talents, hard work and dedication make our communities a little bit better.

Marlene Young – Customer Service Representative, 26 years of service

We care for the people we serve

“When you work in the water industry, you are contributing to people. You’re providing a vital service that is necessary for us to live.

I like that I am able to help people who are grateful for the assistance I provide. For me, it is very rewarding that I get to receive their gratitude and feedback. I also love that there are a lot of opportunities for growth and interactions with the many different departments.” 

We work behind the scenes every day

“I enjoy that you get to help customers as you meet them and can really have a positive impact on people and hear that they really appreciate what you do.

It takes a lot of people working behind the scenes to treat and move water to everyone’s faucets for drinking, showering and watering plants. I love working in water because I get to see the process and be a part of it each day.”

Carlos Cruz – Meter Reader, 4 years of service

Eileen Aguirre – Information Systems Analyst, 1.5 years of service

We continually improve to meet our community’s needs

“My favorite thing about being an information systems analyst is being able to help others improve their workflows and to work with such sharp, intelligent individuals who are always willing to help.

Working in the water industry is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the multiple systems and processes to deliver clean water. While you may be faced with some challenges along the way, knowing everyone is working towards the same goal always makes it worthwhile.”

We monitor and maintain your water every step of the way

“My favorite thing about working at Helix Water District is the variety of tasks that we do. Our department does everything from installing conduit, wires and instrumentation, to building the control panels, programming the controllers and building the interface pages for our operators.

I like the water industry because lots of people rely on us every day, and it takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work to move water from one place to another.”

Jeremy Boone – SCADA Technician, 4 years of service

Larry Lyford – Water Treatment Plant Manager, 23 years of service

We work together to do extraordinary things

“I love being involved in mentoring and preparing staff for the future and the future operation of our treatment plant. Everything we do here, we do with a lot of detail, thought and design with redundancy. It is challenging and critical work, but I love it.

What water professionals do to keep the water flowing 24/7 is incredibly important to the health and safety of our community. But, when we are doing our job right, we are invisible. We are not banner headline people like police or fire. We are the quiet first responders keeping our communities running.”

Water professionals work passionately to provide the essential services that people and businesses rely on. We joined this industry for many reasons, but the reward of providing something that everyone depends on is what motivates us to do more, do better, and keep the water flowing.

We are grateful for our water professionals and the services they provide. Please show your support for water professionals this week by following our Facebook or Twitter. We will highlight some of the many incredible professionals that are here for you.


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